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The island of Corfu has served as a backdrop for the epic tales written by Homer and Shakespeare. Today, the island keeps on attracting travelers who come here to escape from their busy work schedules and to find sunshine and great beaches, tasty food and relaxation, interesting Old Town to explore. Corfu is an island of lush greenery, olives and citruses. A couple of days here and tourists feel as if they have found paradise and do not wish to ever leave the island.


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Corfu is a small island in Ionian Sea, which is only 20 miles wide and 40 miles long. Even so, it is the star in the itineraries of many Mediterranean cruise programs. There are plenty of reasons for that! The island of Corfu, which is also called Kerkyra by the locals, is among the most picturesque islands of Greece. Corfu is an island of clear blue waters, dense olive groves, deep green pine forests, picturesque rural villages and fantastic summer festivals.


People who come to Corfu on the cruise ships try to explore the town of Corfu as much as they can They do visit the historical sites that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the historic fortress and the huge Spinada Square – the largest square on the Balkan peninsula. Travelers are also enjoying the beautiful statues, the fantastic shops and the different festivals among which the two beer festivals in Corfu, held in July and in October. Holiday makers are also very impressed by the lively restaurants serving delicious meals and a fantastic wine list.

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Facts about the port

  • The cruise terminal of Corfu has handled approximately 485 cruise ships in three years, transporting around 640 000 passengers.
  • Most of the cruise ships come to Corfu in the spring or in the autumn, though there are many cruise ships that moor on the island during the summer months. The island of Corfu is characterized by hot summers with temperature degrees between 27°C and 32°C.
  • There are options available for different shore excursions including trips to Paleokastritsa, Achilleon, Kerkira. The most popular excursions on the shore of Corfu include the trips to the Achilleion Palace, the Panoramic Corfu trip, the City Tour, the tour along Dassia Beach and the Walking Tour in Paleokatsriza.
  • The cruise lines that provide itineraries and regular schedules to Corfu include: Seabourn, AIDA, Phoenix, Holland America Line.


The ships coming to the island of Corfu usually dock at the New Port, which is positioned near the town of Corfu. The New Port, Neo Limani, provides ferry connection between Italy, Albania and Greece. That is a modern port which has a small but well functional cruise terminal. That cruise terminal can get quite busy in the moments when the ferries load and unload their trucks cargo and cars. Even so, walking around the port area is not dangerous at all.


Neo Limani is positioned approximately 3 km walk from the center of the city and all its main landmarks, It also features hood transport connections to the settlements of Achilleon and Paleokastritsa. Travelers can either walk to the center of Corfu or use the local bus service to the center of the city. Car rental at Corfu Cruise Port is also a great option. Just like there are airport rentals in Corfu, there are also suitable car rental deals that can be checked and pre-booked after a car hire comparison is made.


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