Corfu Car rental at the harbour

The island of Corfu allows the vacation goers to make the most of their holidays. The climate in Corfu is just fantastic, the resorts are so wonderful that the choice is very difficult and the number of water sport activities and entertainment places are so numerous that holiday makers are wondering whether they will have enough time for all of that. Peaceful and sun-kissed, the island blends beautiful nature with friendly locals, ancient cultural and many modern facilities. Thanks to the great number of cheap flights and the available car rental coupons, Corfu is the perfect holiday destination.


The island of Corfu has a wonderful capital city with many places of interest, historical monuments, parks and cultural sites. These places can be explored on foot or by the economy car rental available on that website. On the island are also to be found many resorts and settlements and the best way to be explored is by getting one of the car rental deals.


Corfu Car Rental

The options for automobile hire in Corfu are numerous. The car rental companies that operate in the island through our website and some onsite offices come with an impressive selection of automobiles, designed to satisfy the customers and provide them the comfort they deserve.


Tourists are encouraged to make car hire comparison, as well as to make use of the available car rental coupons and car rental insurance offers. These companies provide an impressive combination of quality service and reasonable prices and have no hidden charges.


Car hire for young drivers

The island of Corfu is a very popular destination for the young holiday-makers who love to party. In fact, the island has the reputation of being the best party zone in Greece. That is why many young people from Britain and other parts of the world love to spend their holidays here. Because of that the companies are offering not only cheap car rental, but also specific car rental under 21 and car hire 18 year old. Some companies have special offers called “car rental young drivers”.


Airport Rentals

The International Airport in Corfu is the main airport hub in the area, featuring one airport terminal, airport shuttle service and airport car parking. Tourists can organize their either auto hire in advance through the website Corfu Car Rentals or through the airport rentals offered by the local and the international franchise companies onsite. The cheaper option includes pre-booking of the automobile hire.


Corfu Car Rental Tips

  • Book a vehicle car reservation in Corfu in advance.
  • Choose a small and economy car rental.
  • If possible choose the good road that runs from North to South along the eastern coast from Sidari resort to Lefkimmi resort or the road from the city of Corfu to the island of Paleokastritsa.
  • Often the car rental insurance does not cover the damage to the underside of the car, thus drivers should be careful for the holes in the road.
  • The car rental companies will offer free map, yet another map in the car will never hurt.
  • The online mapping tools (for example, those from Google Maps) are not as accurate as they have to be.
  • Drivers and all passengers in Corfu should wear seatbelts.
  • Drink driving is strictly prohibited on Corfu Island. Police can pull over the auto hire and charge the driver if he/she has drunk before driving.
  • The kids under the age of 12 are not allowed to sit in the front seat of the car. All children under the age of 7 should use car seat during the travel.


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